ARCH 1121 In class Assignment Jamal Sennon

If I had to choose from the three things listed I would choose going to college. I would choose this because it is one the things that is currently most important to me. I would choose this because those  readings and attending those classes are my responsibilities are my mine to fulfill. I feel like I would rather do this than the other two. The past event doesn’t seem as important to me because I didn’t really know much like any people that suffered through the tragedies.  However it was still a horrible event that should be recognized. If I could pick a second one it would be the anniversary of the 9/11 attack. I think the homework and attending classes would have the greatest impact on me. I believe this because it would impact my future. Yes voting would also do that but individually as a person I would want to work on better educating myself. History has a big role on the future of each of us. It is able to change the way people think and perceive things in the world. By understanding and seeing things that have repeated in history people are able to predict things or stop them from happening. Also You can learn things from historic events that can help you in your future.

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