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Pantheon For Sale

Fabian Chiqui
Pantheon For Sale
Huge announcement the Pantheon of Rome is for sale and for a limited time only. What is most interesting about this building is that it is was is known for its belief of the gods of Rome and Greece. The best part of this building is that is can be used as a museum. It can be best used to tour people inside of it as it creates a wonder on peoples view to see building of that design. Due to the huge middle section that is open to bring in the light. The walls are unique and kept well in tact. Corinthian style on top of the walls create a culture that can never be forgotten.

Fabian Chiqui (in class assignment )

Out of the three that was listed above i would say that the one that has the most importance to me is the homework that is due tomorrow. To add also the classes that i have tomorrow. I chose this because if i don’t attend class tomorrow i would probably miss important information. Or if i do not do the homework assigned then my GPA would drop. Out of the three events I think that the 9/11 attack on NYC would have the greatest impact after a week. During the 9/11 many families suffered and including today people still remember that day as if it was yesterday. I remember some of my old high school teachers telling me of how they saw the building burn down. Even though the teacher was not even close to the attack. During that time many people also lost their jobs. The 9/11 event was very tragic and caused many people a great deal of pain. Even though I was of small age during that time I see and feel by the way people describe it that it was a day that will never be forgotten. I think past event are very important but not as important as the present. What I do today will affect my tomorrow. The past already passed, sure you can go back and remember but you can’t change it. Unlike what I do today like if i chose to do my homework or not will affect my tomorrow. You can learn from your past mistakes and improve on it. But if you just stay there you just never grow as a person. In my opinion you look at your past and try to improve on what didn’t work for you. So when the now comes you are ready. For it comes down to this what I do today will affect what happens tomorrow.