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Center For Book Arts.

On our last course, we had a field trip which was really cool. Especially the Center for Book Arts! I really like the 30 feet long comic painting called Accretion Scroll, by Mike Estabrook which is super genius! It caught my attention at all. I’ve “read” it from the left to the right and I was trying to find out the order of his painting, but that was so hard. Standing in front of the work with a distance, the picture shows a clear contrast between black and white. When I stepped in, there’s really a mass!But when I watched it much closer, I noticed there are plenty of stories which are connected! It was like people are on the way working, or a corner of a supermarket, or a super great war place of a star war! This painting is so fabulous which makes me think of thousands of ideas, they just jump out of my mind!
Art works are always a good communicating tool to express what you want to say!IMG_2953