Networking- the Design Intelligence Conference

Today I presented the Design Conference held in Parsons. It was a great event. I joined afternoon part of the conference. Professors in Parsons, design agencies’ founders have attended this event. This conference is not only about the process of designing, but also about how to face the outside challenges of the world.

The first part was like an interview. The topic was about the feminine in innovation. 5 designers and a host. Designers were sharing their experience in dealing with the gender bias from society to women. How to deal with the relationship between feminine equality and creative ideas. As designers, they need to understand the definition of feminine clearly. Then they will fight against gender bias. Then Dr. Lauhona Ganguly, the assistant professor in Parsons shared her idea of gender bias. Why people talk to boys are like. ” go fighting, go playing.”, but “be quiet, be sharing.” with girls? We can do the same things as boys do. You need to make your work shout out aloud to represent your voice.

Change the opinions of society by women’s behaviors. In the history, men were seen as leaders. Designers were men, but now women designers are existed, especially the great. So do the design process. We need to change our stereotype.

The next part was called Keynote by Carol Whitworth, a British graphic designer. The founder and inspiration and innovation director of Home, a global internal communication consultancy. Her designing style is funny. She gave a feeling of making your works interesting. Always curious about everything. We are designers. We help people to know thing both inside and outside. Always encourage the public to be fearless.

“They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.”—Carl W. Buehner

She has mentioned an idea of being faithful to yourself which I totally agree. Always have faith in yourself and stand for something. It’s like a belief that you can support. During Q&A, a student asked an interesting question., What’s the challenge to her? She said, being a woman and being a big woman. People are always judging her before viewing her works. Then she said there is not anything important than having strong skills. If you have faith in yourselves, then judging won’t be a matter.

The conference was ending with the music video of Man In the Mirror, by Micheal Jackson. It was so touching and blood burn. It was an old music video illustrates human life matter. But now, some problems have not been solved yet. She showed this video was like saying the world is not beautiful yet. As a graphic designer, we need to try our best to change it.

Carol Whitworth. I don’t know if you can see her.
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