My CityTech skills helped me at my internship

I’ve learned lots of skills during my 4-years college life at CityTech, no matter the skills of technology or the skills of communicating with people. The most frequent programs I use at my intern job are the InDesign and Photoshop. These two program skills have helped me the most at my internship job. The work I often do is designing the clinic signs, event banners, postcards and etc. Callen-Lorde just finished their rebranding process. A lot of things need to be redesigned from the old look to the new look. I use the Illustrator the least. I don’t need to draw things because basically, they have everything.

They are strict about the copyrights. Instead of stealing photos from Google, they have their own photo library. I use Photoshop to retouch photos if the project needs. They’re also using noun projects if the work needs objects besides people.

I can’t do a lot of creative design because they have their own color theme, typefaces, and logos. But due to their long paragraph copies which are challenges for me. I would use the skills I’ve learned in typography classes such as paragraph placement, columns grids, structure and space, legibility and readability to solve those problems.

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