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I went to The Spring Event held by my internship employer Callen-Lorde Community Health Center on May 3 rd at Project Farmhouse in Union Square. For each Spring, Callen- Lorde will invite one or a group of strong women to share their experience and in support of other women. At the same time to promote their women’s Health program.

Back to this event, the honoree for this year was Lydia Polgreen, the Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost. She was named to that post in December 2016 after spending nearly 15 years at the New York Times, where she led an initiative to expand its audience outside the United States, with an initial focus on Latin America. She began her career as an assistant editor and business manager for The Washington (D.C.) Monthly. She received a lot of Awards during her career. She was a 2006 recipient of the George Polk Award for foreign reporting, in recognition of her travels deep into the war-torn western regions of Sudan to report on the carnage in Darfur. She received the 2008 Livingston Award for international reporting, for her series, “The Spoils”, an account of how mineral wealth has brought misery and exploitation to much of Africa. As an editor in chief, she devotes everything for news. She aims for overhauling the newsroom and reaching out to new readers who’ve been ignored by the big news publishers. As a strong woman, she inspired women to stand together and fight together.

Another reason for why I presented at this event was because I designed the sponsors banners of this event. This is my first time for printing out a large project. The banners were about human size, I was worried about a lot of things such as the font size, photo size. But when I passed the entrance, I saw one of the banners. I felt so good because I saw the banner I designed.

After this event, I inspired by Lydia. She uses her observations as bullets to fight for equality. I want to be a person who has a thing to fight for. I may not contribute myself to the world, but I hope I can fight for my career, the creativity.

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