Collaborative projects

I’m doing the in-house design work at my current internship job. Because of the weather is getting warmer and hotter, they start to hold events. So currently, my job is designing the sponsor banner for the following events.

The following event will be Spring Fever 2018, on May 3rd., It’s a women supportive event. My job was designing the event banner and the sponsor banner for the event. During the designing process, I’ve learned something I should notice for my entire career.

Because of I’m doing the in-house designer, I should follow their brand rules. However, I didn’t at the beginning. I was handing on different projects at the same time at that moment. I went a little far from their branding style. Like the picture I show at the bottom. When I handed my works in, my supervisor told me I should follow the brand style and did it over. And then I followed their instructions and started a new banner. After this, I told myself to read the instructions very carefully before designing.

Designing without branding rules
Followed the branding rules
Followed the branding rules
the postcad

The other thing is, they always give me design work with either a super long paragraph or a super short copy. Such as the following job is to design a postcard with all summer events. It’s kind of challenge because I want it to be summerish but under their branding limits. I have a current look of the postcard.

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