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To be a designer has been my dream since I was in kindergarten. I used to wonder about everything. At that time, I wanted to be a fashion designer because I liked beautiful clothes. I think many little girls want a lot of beautiful dresses that make them be a princess. So did I. I expected I could grow up quickly so that I would make my dream come true. When I grew up, I became interested in painting, it was an amazing thing to draw what I saw! I have continued to learn about painting up to the present.

Later on, I started to think about what kind of job I really want to do in the future. I am a person who is responsible. I thought about my major very seriously and carefully. 
About the age of eleven. I fell in love with TV commercials! I watched TV with families sometimes. To be honest, I didn’t really into the drama show, but I was really into those commercials. I thought selling products was so cool! They made the products alive!! Before they selling it without the commercials, the product just a thing, but the way they packaged it is like giving the product a life. I want to be the guy who gives things lives. Then I decided to be an advertising/graphic designer. I insist my interests up to today. 

In order to enhance and continue my passion, I decided to be a Graphic Designer/ Advertising designer. They are modern, alive and free. To be a dream chaser, here I am, studying at the Citytech. The best thing I had for my life is finding my interest. The best choice I ever made is applying to a college that helping me develop my graphic design skills in-depth. 

This is my story and my dream is coming true.

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