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Hi, there, my name is Xiaocen, Jiao (If you feel like it’s hard to pronounce, just call me Rainie) who comes from China— an amazing country. I’m here today because I want to keep moving to my dream, till I really become her in one day. So my passion is drawing or let’s say design.  I’ve leaned how to draw since I was 15 years old. Much earlier, when I was a primary girl, I wanted to be a fashion designer because that was the only career I know about design. I pretended  I have a  “clothes store”. I’ve done lots pieces of “kids works” which were all about dresses, suits, princess,prince stuffs…That was my first experience involving design in my entire life.To be a fashion designer was my dream, like some kids like to say, they want to be scientists, teachers or doctors when they grow up. But how many of them really do what they have promised? Me neither. As I know more about design, I realize that fashion design is not my favorite. The more TV commercials I’ve watch, the more I know, I love commercials! So I choose advertising design as my major and to be a designer in the future. I’ve never been such close to my dream like right now. Even though I hesitated to learn something else, but now, I know art is the only thing I never give up.

I build my own aesthetic by appreciating paintings. I like galleries very much. In my opinion, when you’ve done a lot of art works, seen plenty of great famous art works, you’ll build your own aesthetics. The more you’ve done, the more unique style you’ll have.  This is my point because I believe it works. At least for me.  Impressionism is my favorite painting style. Vincent Willem Van Gogh is my favorite artist. I admire him, not only for what he’d painted, but also his miserable life. Sometimes I could feel his sadness in his works, every single line, every single symbol. I just stand in front of his work and be in a daze. Or sometimes feel sorry about why he ended his life so early.

Right now, I chose my selfie to be my avatar. I want people to feel like I’m a really cool person. I always think people who learn or work involve art are special or thoughtful. They are more different than someone in the streets. The huge vintage glasses makes me unique because not everyone wears the same size glasses. I’m not a fashion guy, but I like to try a cool thing sometimes.  However, because of the poker face, others may think I’m grumpy,then you’re wrong. Sometimes I might not express very well, but I’m an easy going person. I’m the girl who can play games with guys.

When people see my profile, I hope them to think I’m a person who is working hard for being a designer. My profile will also be a recorder records every step I’ve processed. People say, “no pain, no gain.” I want to become an example to prove those words.

In five years, I may further my study, or working in an advertisement company as an internship. I’m not sure. I may get a little fame or achievements, but the future who knows.  I just want to keep close to my dream step by step. I’m just one of normal human in the world who has a special soul in deep.

(BTW; I still struggle with English, hope you guys could inclusive me.:))