How did I find my internship?

I had two internship jobs during this semester. The first one was a graphic design studio called Apex Studio. I found it on Indeed. com. I didn’t expect too much before the interview. Surprisingly they had me as one of three internships during this semester. Apex is a primary design studio which only has a small group of designers. Even though I just worked one day with them, I’ve learned a lot of things, such as ads casting, meeting with clients writing the proposal, etc. Due to schedule issues, I couldn’t work with them in the end.

I found my second internship job by introducing. My senior project advisor told me a medical therapy clinic had an internship opportunity. When I came home, I found they posted the sign on OpenLab. They are called Callen- Lorde Community Health Center provides sensitive, quality healthcare and related services targeted to New York’s LGBT communities.Then I decided to try and sent my resume and portfolio to them. However, about a week lateI didn’t receive any message. I really want this position because it related to my senior project as well. The next day, I went to one of their offices to find the supervisor. To be honest, to get this position I was a kind of aggressive because of the communication design department locates at another building. I went to their clinic and asked if they need a graphic design internship. I asked two of their locations to finally get the number and email address of the advisor. I emailed my portfolio and resume again and about 1 hr later, I called her to ask if we can set up a meeting because I was around the corner. I’m noticed the interview date. During the interview, I introduced myself, my background. We talked about what will I do, what do they need. A couple of days later, they emailed me,I have been employed.

I was too impatient to wait for the reply on the day I went to their offices and I know the way I found my internship position is not suggested, but I’m glad I got it.

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