Networking – Event at CityTech

I’ve attended the networking event today, held by professional development department at citytech. This networking has provided an opportunity for college students to find internship jobs while they are attending school. The program is called Citytech Connection. One of the faculty members Nelly explained how to access the website. The aim of this program is to help you to find an internship job. You just upload your resume to the department and make an appointment with them to review them. When your resume has been approved, they will post it on your page and you are qualified to find an internship job.

There are some things I’ve learned during the networking session. The first thing is how to grow my network. I’m a senior student and it’s never too late to build my networking. We come to school not only for a degree, but also for a good job. School is not everything, but it is very important. School is one of the most important platforms for information from the outside world. School is the shelter and the internship is like the bridge to guide you from the shelter to the competitive world.  Getting all the information you can get from school to start your own network may present some problems. People you’ve asked for contact information may change.

The second thing is connecting with social media. We love social media. We post everything to show food we have, the places we’ve been, and our personalities. However, is this good to let your interviewee know everything? Always keep in mind that we should protect ourselves. Making your social media page private if you don’t want troubles. Consider to make your social media consistent with work, or your lifestyle should be considered. Otherwise, something you think is funny today, may not b in the future to employers.

Making sure you sign up at the  CityTech Connection. It is also important if your major in Technology & Design. If you don’t sign up you will lose your opportunities for a job. The companies will think CityTech students don’t care about professionalism and the company may withdraws possible student positions. So please sign up.

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