Maram Awadh Zoom Mtg 1 Summary

Before watching the zoom recording, I was overwhelmed and lost due to the fact that I didn’t receive any information or emails about this class and was basically in the dark. After viewing this recording, I now understand a bit of what to do and what this class consists of. I learned a few things about OpenLab and how to use it for this class, I was very confused at first when I logged in but now I’m getting the hang of it. If I was in the zoom call I would have asked about the assignment that was due and where to upload it and I would have asked how to view my grades, also I would have totally used zoom emoji. I never knew we could do that, so that’s another thing I discovered. One thing I found really interesting and what stuck on my mind during the reading was when you said “Words themselves have no power in of themselves without the power that people as a community assign to them.” I found this very interesting because nowadays people use these racial slurs to degrade people, specifically people of color and they use these disgusting words to make themselves feel “higher” and more “superior” to them. They give these words a lot of power and use them against a specific type of person or group. Personally, I found the reading very interesting and I enjoyed the meaning behind it. I also enjoyed the conversations you had with the students and I hope I get to make it to your next zoom call.

Jasleen Aujla- Zoom meeting 1 summary

Unfortunately I was unable to join the meeting but after watching it I understand how this course will be. In this meeting  I clearly understand the syllabus and work we have to do in this term. This is my freshman year and I   didn’t use open lab in high school but after watching the meeting I learn how to use this. We have to do media share where we have to share a link/image or video that says something about who we are and where we are. There was an essay “A word’s meaning can often depend on who says it”. It was interesting because she started essay saying that words don’t mean anything and later she was talking about a particular word that has different meanings. She tried to show that words meaning can be changed over time or by some reasons. I found this interesting. The way you explain the text was amazing and I can’t wait to come in next session.

(I have no questions for now because some of questions I had and other students asked that. So I got answer)

Alexandria Dorato. Monroe Street Zoom Mtg 1 Summary

After watching the zoom recording, I felt more comfortable with starting college. When I registered for classes, I was nervous about remote learning and how it would work out for me. I am glad that you went over everything, I have a clear understanding of how this course will be for me. I learned how to use open lab by simply following the steps that you provided. If I was able to attend the zoom meeting, I would have asked how to view my grades. After watching the video “Love is the Message, the Message to death” by Arthur Jafa, I understood your feelings towards the video. The message is just so powerful. A quote that stood out to me was “when in need, who will save you”. This quote makes me wonder and also feel upset for the people who feel that they are alone in this world. I also learned what is expected from you in terms of the media shares after reading your response to the video. I get a better understanding after seeing examples because it enables me to know that I am doing the task correctly. I developed a few questions after you discussed the reading “A Word’s Meaning Can Often Depend on Who Says It” by Gloria Naylor. I would have asked why the word could never be applied to a woman as she stated. Naylor gave her reasoning but it is still unclear to me. 


Question: For the essay draft, do you want more of a bulleted format or write it as if we were writing the final copy? Do you want us to just revise the draft? 


Also.. I am going to try to join the zoom meetings on my lunch break. I don’t think i can attend the entire meeting but i will be there whenever i get the chance to. 

Zoom Summaries

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These are just a few questions to get you going with the creative part of the summary—don’t feel obligated to respond to all of them or in order…  Basically, I just want your summary to indicate what you learned from the Zoom (the important stuff related to the course) and also how you responded to it, the ideas it gave you, etc.

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