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In the text “Beyoncé, Sec Terrorist: A Menace for Conservatives and Liberals Alike “ by Noah Berlatsky , the author talks about Beyoncé that she is not a good model for young girls or teenagers  and she portrays bad image to them. It is her life. She can do whatever she wants. Sometimes it look bad to other people but if she is comfortable with that then who are they to judge her? We can’t force someone to stop or not to do it. People are too busy to judging her but they forget what she did for women and how much power she gave to them. No matter what but people always judge her when she do something. I choose this photo because it reminds me of Beyoncé and the people who are pointing out at her .

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I choose this article for media share because it talks about the evolution of hip hop. Back in the days, people hate hip hop but now it is known in the world. It is a popular genre and people are loving it because of famous rappers like Jay Z and Kendric Lumar. One of the social issue that Jay Z talked about was drug use because he explained that he spent his twenties in selling crack cocaine which shows the drug use social issue. I choose this article because it discuss the history of hip hop. It explains from its starting to now that how people hated hip hop but now people enjoyed.

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I choose this photo because it relates to the song “There Must Be More”. In the text, author talked about the song and the people how they go through the difficulties in their life. It stated how someone stressed and tired. There must be more but still she don’t give up. This picture shows the happy face that person shows in front of others but deep inside he is broken. He is sad. So if we think we have no more difficulties or problems in our life then I think we are wrong. There must be more because things  will not remain the same.


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In the text, author ” Art at arm Length” by Jerry Saltz, he talks about what is selfie and how it has different meanings. It made me think of the article I have read ” Why you should be taking selfies” by Angela Clarke which discuss about selfies that how it is good for individuals. It relates to Saltz text because it shows how selfies can have different impacts on us. It can change or aspects of social interaction, body language, self awareness and public behavior.

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Unfortunately I was unable to join this zoom meeting but after watching the zoom recording, I learned many new things that I didn’t know before. Anaphora was new to me but zoom recording helped me to understand what it is. It is a list that generate new thoughts and make connections between already existing thoughts. We can use anaphora list in essay 1 to make our essay more clear and thoughtful. Also I learned about sub-list assignment that help us to make connections between topics which usually don’t have anything in common. I think these lists are very important because it help us to relate many things. There was also discussion about essay 2 topic. For essay 2, we need to find the social issues.  The zoom recording was very helpful because without this I would be unable to do my Friday’s assignment.

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I choose this image (the image is below the MS) that relates to the ideas of an internet addiction in the texts “the Viral Virus” by Lauren Duca, “Addicted to Addiction” by Christopher lane, “Issues for DSM-5: Internet Addiction” by jerald G. Block and “The evolution of internet addiction” by Griffiths et al. These texts show how internet has negative impact on people. As we can see a person in the photo who is addictive to internet and  has no interest in his work. He is just thinking of the games and social apps rather than paying attention to his work. People like him don’t understand the negative effects of the internet that could have on them. I believe it’s always better to learn new things rather than just wasting time on technology.
While reading these texts I had an idea about a song that relates to this topic . It is about the addiction-  drug addiction. The song is “Save Me” by Shinedown which express the pain of being consumed by addiction. In this song, The person describes his loneliness of losing everything to drugs, specifically pills.

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For this media share, I choose this photo that relates to serpell’s text.  This photo is similar to text  because they  both  shows racism and police brutality.  As we can see the police officers kneeled on  black person’s neck. Who gave permission to cops to do this? It is against the law. If someone committed crime or did something wrong then they can arrest him or put him in jail instead of beating or kneeled on his neck. This is why people protest against police brutality and racial injustices.In the text, the cop did same with the black  girl. He kneeled on her neck without any reason. She even didn’t do anything wrong but still she suffered from that situation. Why she suffered just because she was black? This shows how police being racist.

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After reading the text , I can relate this video with the text .https://youtu.be/wPV_iwsjq80 . It is about Instagram how it ruins people life. Teenagers get addicted to it as Dayna Tortorici was. They thought instagram is cool but they don’t realize the effects that it has.  Sometimes we saw someone’s story or posts on instagram and we thought that this person is very happy in his /her life and he/she is perfect but we don’t. We started to compare us with them that we are not good as they are.. This is also the reason of anxiety when people stress or overthink. By the time, it started to effect on our mental health. People also comment on someone’s body or the way they look. It lower our self esteem. It make us think that we are not perfect. This become reasons of mental issues.  So there are many negative effects that Instagram has in our mental health.