Jasleen Aujla- Zoom meeting 1 summary

Unfortunately I was unable to join the meeting but after watching it I understand how this course will be. In this meeting  I clearly understand the syllabus and work we have to do in this term. This is my freshman year and I   didn’t use open lab in high school but after watching the meeting I learn how to use this. We have to do media share where we have to share a link/image or video that says something about who we are and where we are. There was an essay “A word’s meaning can often depend on who says it”. It was interesting because she started essay saying that words don’t mean anything and later she was talking about a particular word that has different meanings. She tried to show that words meaning can be changed over time or by some reasons. I found this interesting. The way you explain the text was amazing and I can’t wait to come in next session.

(I have no questions for now because some of questions I had and other students asked that. So I got answer)

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