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For this media share, I pick this photograph that identifies with serpell’s content. This photograph is like content since the two of them shows bigotry and police fierceness. As should be obvious the cops stopped an individual of color’s neck. Who allowed to cops to do this? It is illegal. In the event that somebody perpetrated wrongdoing or accomplished something incorrectly, at that point they can capture him or put him in prison as opposed to beating or stooped on his neck. This is the reason individuals challenge police mercilessness and racial injustices.In the content, the cop did same with the person of color. He bowed on her neck with no explanation. She even didn’t do anything incorrectly yet she experienced that circumstance. Why she endured in light of the fact that she was dark? This shows how police being bigot.

Minneapolis cop kneeled on neck of black man before he died | Daily Mail Online
Derek Chauvin, Minneapolis Cop Shown Kneeling on George Floyd's Neck, Hires Philando Castile Shooter's Lawyer

Shaun Mazyck/Zoom meeting 4

what i would have talked about in zoom meeting 4 is my sleep paralysis because I don’t dream much or remember them when i wake up when i was younger they would come more clearly and when i do dream there very far fetched and scary but what I’m going to explain is the sleep paralysis part i believe they started when i was in middle school i would wake up in the morning and get dressed and take another nap before school and then that is when I first experienced it and i fell back asleep sitting up on the couch and i awoke or so i thought i realized i was conscious and aware of what was happening around me but wasn’t able to move i could see my siblings getting ready for school but other times id see scary figures but it would only happen if i alone in the room while i was in that state it would also feel hard to breath and would be worse if i panic so i have to slow my breathing and focus on trying to wake myself up but on a spiritual side its a demon known as the night hag and a logical explanation is that i lack sleep and that is what causes it and i believed until one day i used to work with my pops at his job on Saturday’s and we would leave early in the morning and i stayed up the night before and was exhausted so when i got done with all my task i fell asleep in a conference room and the lights were of and my pops went to go take care some paperwork and as i fell asleep it happened again and i was stuck once again for a good while and something approached me and and i felt whatever dark figure repeatedly hitting my face nowadays they happen less

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unfortunately I was unable to attend the first zoom meeting but i watched the zoom recording and can see that ill have a good time this semester i enjoyed listening and the professor was very helpful and he also seemed friendly I enjoy talking about a topic and going back an forth to understand each persons side and how the see and feel about the certain situation or issue that  might be discussed in class I will ask questions and have my camera on most of the time i also got a better hold on how to use openlab I was behind but the recording helped me get a better understanding i am glad that were on the topic about the discrimination towards the black community when we first started i was on my way back from a family vacation and i had to jump right in as soon as i got home and i am a freshman so this was new to me and overwhelmed but I’m getting the hang of In the recording it was giving a strong meaning on how the girl explains words can me nothing in the beginning but over time can develop into something more


I am enjoying the class so far so I’m looking forward to the next class

Lubna Mojumder Media Share 4


Falling tree kills Queens man in his van as more than 2,000 trees fell by Isaias

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Falling tree kills Queens man in his van as more than 2,000 trees fell by Isaias


Josh Perez 


ENG 1101

The story being told in Triptych: texas pool party by Namwali Serpell is nothing short of amazing it’s a story that’s being told from a multitude of perspectives 3 in particular hence the title being Triptych. Triptych roughly translating to a three panel painting that ultimately is one whole piece of art. Which is what I think serpell was trying to accomplish in her work she told one story from three different perspectives.  I believe she does this in order to show how backgrounds and upbringing’s can play a part in terms of understanding police brutality and racial profiling. Which in this case it is the story of a police brutality event in which a 15-year-old black girl was tackled by a white police officer. She starts by telling the story of the girl who was tackled by the officer and how she was having a fun summer day by the pool. The second part of the story peruses is now told by the police officer who tackled the 15 year old girl and he is telling his justification for planting the girl towards the ground. Lastly the last part is being told by the crowd and there reactions although words are never explicitly started when transitioning from perspective you get the idea the person narrating has shifted key sentences like ” what is wrong your hurting her, why are you holding her down for can you not why are you dragging her” give you the idea that someone else is now talking and almost sets you in the scene that’s going on


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After reading “My Instagram”, one of my takeaways from this story is that instagram is a fake social media platform where almost everything that is being posted is all a fantasy and trying to make their viewers think that they are better than everyone else. This automatically reminded me of Dan Bilzerian, he is verified on Instagram and posts everything that anyone would want to do. This article reminds me of Dan Bilzerian because the only things that he posts are exciting things like traveling the world, expensive and fast cars, huge mansions and being with celebrities. But he never posts anything that he does ona normal day, unless every single day he’s partying with a bunch of models and celebrities. The article relates to Dan a lot because in the article because in “My Istagram” Tortorici talks about how social media has a bad impact on people’s mental health, especially when young people are seeing all of these people posting these fake lives because then people are going to feel bad that they don’t have what those people have.


Lubna Mojumder Media Share 3

In the story “My Instagram”, by Tortorici I sort of got lost perusing the content yet in I got from the perusing that the storyteller is essentially fixated or dependent via online media. The storyteller discusses how all that they attempted to remain off online media, they some how discovered their self back on the application. For instance the storyteller tired advising he’s companion to change the secret key on twitter yet at the same time found a reason to backpedal on it, which was the having to know the news all the more rapidly. He was fixated to the point that he made up rules to the web-based media application, instagram.Which us to just follow individuals that he knows, however inevitably winds up defying that norm. Before perusing this section I never thought of myself as dependent via web-based media, however subsequent to perusing it I understood that I truly do the, for example, stay hours on instagram looking again and again, and attempting to keep steady over the new patterns. I feel as though everybody goes there this sort of experience where the discover an application that they are simply snared to. Truly every possibility I get I am on snap visit or instagram. It simply insane how an application can take your entire center, and shut out your environmental factors.