Shaun Mazyck/Zoom meeting 4

what i would have talked about in zoom meeting 4 is my sleep paralysis because I don’t dream much or remember them when i wake up when i was younger they would come more clearly and when i do dream there very far fetched and scary but what I’m going to explain is the sleep paralysis part i believe they started when i was in middle school i would wake up in the morning and get dressed and take another nap before school and then that is when I first experienced it and i fell back asleep sitting up on the couch and i awoke or so i thought i realized i was conscious and aware of what was happening around me but wasn’t able to move i could see my siblings getting ready for school but other times id see scary figures but it would only happen if i alone in the room while i was in that state it would also feel hard to breath and would be worse if i panic so i have to slow my breathing and focus on trying to wake myself up but on a spiritual side its a demon known as the night hag and a logical explanation is that i lack sleep and that is what causes it and i believed until one day i used to work with my pops at his job on Saturday’s and we would leave early in the morning and i stayed up the night before and was exhausted so when i got done with all my task i fell asleep in a conference room and the lights were of and my pops went to go take care some paperwork and as i fell asleep it happened again and i was stuck once again for a good while and something approached me and and i felt whatever dark figure repeatedly hitting my face nowadays they happen less

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