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After reading the pink by Andrea chu, I noticed that She was explaining her personal experience as  being a transgender. She explained the idea of feminism and what being feminism mean in a society. She was talking about the history of transgender that how they changed the feminist movement and what difficulties they faced. They are not appreciated by people. Chu also faced many difficulties in her way. But finally she succeed in what she wanted. The one thing that surprised me was that after transition she didn’t feel like women but still she was not regretting or sad. Even though she was happy with it.
I want to share this photo because it connects with chu’s text that how transgender faced difficulties. They are disrespected by our society. People say everyone is equal but somehow they still discriminated in our community.

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  1. I really like the artpeice you chose, it highlights the hardships transgender had to go through for years now. I found it interesting when you said that transgenders aren’t appreciated by people because its true, even in 2020 theres alot of people who bash transgenders and theres still alot of hate crimes against them. I totally agree with what you said about this. One question I wanted to ask you is what do you think could help people in our community appreciate and respect transgenders?

    1. Thank you for your feedback.
      I would happy to answer your question.
      I think we can help people by educating them that all are equal. We don’t have to understand someone’s identity to respect or appreciate them. It is our manners that we should respect all without any discrimination. We can together support transgender because they are also human being and they deserve their all rights.

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