Writing Intensive Courses

Click on the following link for City Tech’s official guidelines for Writing Intensive courses. In order for a course to be designated “writing intensive” it should, at a minimum, include the following:

  1. Critical reading, logical thinking, and the use of writing to help students understand the topic at hand. In as far as reading, writing, and thinking are interdependent activities, students should be expected to practice these skills to better engage with course material.
  2. The use of appropriate style and disciplinary conventions in writing and speaking. Each discipline uses particular citation, vocabulary, and organizational styles. Disciplinary writing conventions should be considered part of the course content.
  3. The productive use of research resources, including the library, specific to the discipline. Each discipline may use specific research resources. Students should receive instruction as to what these resources are and how to use them. Assignments should be designed in such a way as to develop students’ information literacy in ways appropriate to the discipline.
  4. A detailed syllabus. The syllabus should communicate course objectives and grading policy. Writing should be a substantial component of the course grade.
  5. A comprehensive course calendar. The course calendar should clearly indicate due dates for all major projects. These projects should be scaffolded to engage students in the academic writing process (brainstorming, drafting, peer-review, revision, and proof-reading).
  6. A minimum of fifteen pages of writing per student. This should include a mix of informal and formal assignments ranging from “writing-to-learn” exercises (journals, summaries, definitions, micro-themes, low stakes writing, and in-class drafts) to major projects (essays, reports, research papers, and posters).

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