Question # 2:

I believe the road, in this novel, represents a sort of freedom for Sal. He leaves New York with a plan to visit different cities and explore. He keeps this in mind while he is hitchhiking, and even though a great opportunity such as finding people who could take him all the way to San Francisco arises, he continues on his journey of going through the different cities as he originally had planned. Although he was told “you don’t get a ride like this everyday”, Sal decided to explore. This was a part of freedom that Sal liked and did not want to miss out on while it was at his reach. Everything was new to him, the people, the cities, the girls. and i believe Sal liked this.


~Carlos Lema

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  1. I agree with everything you wrote about and I liked the part where you used the quote from the novel

  2. Rocio says:

    I agree with you Carlos. The fact that Sal accepted this trip I think it meant a lot to him because he finally got that taste of having freedom and an adventurous life that he didn’t have, he got to enjoy it away from the daily life that he had.

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