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Blog Post #9 – Priest

For my essay, I chose to use the movie “Priest” from 2011. It takes place in a world that has an ongoing battle between humans and vampires. The ones who battle the vampires are warrior like priests which protect a … Continue reading

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Question #2:

In “The Bluest Eye”, one of the main characters is Pecola. She is an African American girl around the ages of 11-12 throughout the book. She is a young girl born into a lower class family. The entire book seemed … Continue reading

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Question # 3:

I believe what Morrison means by the quote is that even though they were a minority in both caste and class, they were able to continue on with their lives. The fact that they were not well off did not seem to … Continue reading

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Question # 3:

“Women lose their lives not knowing they can do something different. Men eat themselves up believing they have to be the thing they have been made.” I believe this quote deals with gender roles and the idea that were are … Continue reading

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Question # 1:

In The House on Mango Street, the concept of a “real house” has a deeper meaning than simply the text itself. The family fluctuated between apartments and each apartment seemed to not suit the family. The narrator explains the conditions of the previous … Continue reading

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Question # 2:

I believe the road, in this novel, represents a sort of freedom for Sal. He leaves New York with a plan to visit different cities and explore. He keeps this in mind while he is hitchhiking, and even though a … Continue reading

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Question # 8:

Giovanni’s room seems to represent a place one goes to get nowhere. David saw Giovanni’s room as a “filthy little room”. He did not seem to enjoy being there, however he found himself unable to leave it for the longest … Continue reading

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Question # 1:

Most of what Audre Lorde wrote still seems very relevant today. Like many people have said before, racism will never be completely gone. Not just that, but sexism as well. With a global population of over 7 billion, you are … Continue reading

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