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I do agree that Dean Moriarty is the center of this novel.  I agree with Dean Mariarty beacuse the aurthor introduces Dean before the narrator. Dean’s behavior/lifestyle is that he will do what he wants when he wants. I’d also say that he is “life-hungry” if that is a real term because he wants to learn about every and travel everywhere and just enjoy life to the fullest. I think Sal admires Dean so much because of the energy he brings to him and the way he lives. Sal admires the way Dean lives and it made him want to do the same. As a writer he feels like he needs more excitment in his life to continue writing his stories and Dean is the “perfect guy to go on the road with.”

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  1. I like your term, “life-hungry!” It does a nice job of describing Dean and possibly Sal as well.

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