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“Life Is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

I picked this quote mainly because it was recited in one of my favorite games at the time. It wasn’t really intriguing to me of how the quote came about, until I actually decided to make it my visual quote. Once I began working on the quote my mind pondered of a few things. Why was this one of John Lennon’s famous quotes? Who was he talking to and what did it mean. During the time of wondering these things I had found out John Lennon had actually said this to his son, Sean at a very young age. Great advice from a parent to a child. As people in society, especially living in New York we never really realize how much our life passes us by just when we’re simply worrying about other minor things.

Most people go there life not fulfilling anything they had once set out to do, they work Jobs instead of passionate careers and live life the way it is set for everyone to live life. Of course, most don’t do this intentionally, but it becomes a comfortable lifestyle. Something which people don’t even notice until it’s too late. I feel that this is one of the most remarkable things John Lennon could have told his son at the time, because he must know the truth early on so he may live life to the fullest.

I decided on this quote not only because it inspires me but also because its a message many human beings need to know. Many need to realize that life will not change until they do something about it, and I definitely will make my life the best I could ever imagine. Simply because I don’t want it to past me by.


“There’s never a one size fits all for three things Love, Happiness & Creativity.”

I decided on making a visual quote design of this quote, mainly because I love it so much. It states the exact motivation I need not only in my work and what I do but also just in my daily life.

Unlike my first quote, I have no idea where this quote was originally from. I was told once that it might have been something Kanye West said, but I’m not entirely sure. I first heard this quote from a teacher who happened to be substituting for my sophomore U.S history class. He was dying for our attention and when we finally decided to sit down and pay attention, the man had spoke golden words which most people need to hear. This quote, being one of them along with words of encouragement to never give up, to spread love and other things.

The quote, like the man who had spoken it inspires me because it becomes a daily reminder that not everything has to be the same. Many people believe things should be uniform, do one thing then do another and repeat that, but myself I like to be as different as I possibly can be which is one reason why I absolutely love this quote.

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