First Class Reflection

During the course of the class, I learned a couple of things about the Graphic Design field I didn’t know and some which helped me shape how I think about joining the field and getting a job in it. One of the main things that stuck are what your portfolio should have versus, what I thought it should have. Before the question of ‘Portfolio’ was brought up in class, I thought that a portfolio just included anything really strong and different types of art to show that you can be very veristale, but what I learned is slightly different. I learned that your portfolio should contain strong graphic design principles and should show that you as a designer understand and can completely show your abilities and understanding of graphic design principles.
I learned about starting a new idea and making it your own, and without graphic design principles that idea is nothing. Anyone can be a designer, but in order to be a graphic designer, which not everyone can do you must have graphic design principles. Not everyone can capture the grasps of design principles nor can they convey it well in their work. Graphic design principles are the base of any good designer and that’s something that I’ve learned. Since starting school and learning about Graphic Design principles, I’ve noticed that things that I have learned about the principles help my designs and help my work become better once I use it.
As discussed in class, Art and Design are two different things and while they do work well together, they have differences. Art may be used in design, but Art can exist without design and vise versa. Art is expression and emotion. In art you may be able to express more than you ever can in design. Design normally serves the purpose to inform and communicate with an audience. So as a designer, I am supposed to communicate and sell to the consumer.
As for the class, I expect to learn about the business I expect to learn about different places in the industry and how to at least get my name out and make money as a designer. I also expect to learn things you need to know as a Graphic Designer and how to find muse.