Networking Event

For my event I went to a Motion & Graphic Design Meetup hosted by the love hype production. I went to this meet up because I had to find an event to go to and it was about Graphic Design. While there I learned that this company or “production” always host meetups and gatherings for graphic designers and other types of designers can get together and meet. This event didn’t really have a guest speaker. It was more for anyone who was interested in learning the business or even teaching the business. Many of the people there were beginners and didn’t know much about any of the programs they were using, but I did meet a couple of professionals and those were the people who were apart of the production and wanted to teach others the world of graphic and motion design. While there they discussed what they do and where their name comes from.
Love The Hype comes from them loving that everyone wants to be a visualizer, a designer and wants to create something of their own. This is what they call “The Hype” the new wave a visualization and creativeness that came through this generation and how everyone seems to enjoy creating is something that they love the most. In order to help with “The Hype” they host different meetups and events in order to better skills as well as network with those in the industry. “Love The Hype” isn’t just a group of one type of designer nor are they all professional, but they all help each other and aid in becoming better designers and better professionals. During the event of teaching others about different design programs and networking with professionals or those who have connections, the two who were conducting the event talked about the importance of staying above the curve. They discussed how important it was to come up with new ideas and to make sure they work. While you want to stay above the curve, you do not want to rush your ideas either. If you rush your ideas and rush your designs or creativity then when you do actually try to present your new ideas to the public they seem rushed and they seem as if you don’t work as hard as you know you can. It’s better to put out a well finished piece than to put out something that is rushed and sloppy.
During the event the two people I managed to meet that actually worked for Advertising productions and one for a corporate design department were Justin Davila & Tani Chambers. Tani worked for an advertising production where she worked and disrupted advertisements to consumers for a small business. While talking to her, I asked her what’s a couple of things I should know about interviewing and getting the job. She told me that the most important part is to never insult someone’s work. At an interview they may ask your opinion about a design that they have on their desk or just something that they have handy. Instead of just saying you dislike it, or you love it always suggest. Suggesting is what the director wants to hear. Ask are they sure about color, about the size of text or font, ask if they’re sure about placement of things and if they have tried to actually mock it up to see if it works. This if anything is the advice I took away from this event. I tend to play it safe when it comes to meeting someone for the first time and with this advice, I appreciated her letting me know of how to “play it safe.”
Justin worked for a corporate design department which was in house. He explained that it wasn’t as exciting as maybe designing for an advertising agency or freelancing he did say that it is a lot easier. Justin explained that working in house just for one corporate company was easy simply because he knew the client and it was even easier because they never could really change much about their designs. While he does freelance for fun on the side when he has time, he said that it’s a lot harder to work with a client you don’t know or who has access to social media. When your client has access to social media, they want everything they see. They are changing their mind every minute of every day and it makes it harder, so comparing that to a company that can’t really change to what’s trending or what they like because they have guidelines to follow. Justin did say that the guidelines are what also can get you in trouble. If you forget to dot an I or cross a T then you can be in big trouble for just a little mistake. He explained that he wasn’t the biggest of the big so he could afford to make a few mistakes because his work was being handed off to someone else to check,but if it went past everyone and wasn’t noticed (which he has seen happen) until it got to the printing stages, the person who made the mistake can be in just as much trouble as those who didn’t catch it. While talking to Justin it made me wonder if I wanted to do something like that, just for the simple fact that it could be something to follow and I wouldn’t have to worry about changing too much, but then again I love learning the new ideas and new trends. Which was the main reason Justin was there, he explained that he loved to see other designers work and get ideas from them.
All in all, I really appreciated them for giving me both sides of the business and telling me the pros and cons. I learned other options of the design industry that I can take, I will take other things into consideration and I also want to go to another event, because they did mention that they actually do have talks and actual networking events.