About Me

Ever since I was about eleven or twelve I was very into graphic communications and designs. I would like to create posters, logos, edit and shoot videos and even make up my own brands and things of that nature which lead me to picking my major. While in college I want to learn things that I can’t teach myself or thing I have not learned yet such as, what kind of colors hold attention more or how to edit a video a certain way. I also want to see others artwork in order to not only get my own ideas from them but to also get inspiration to work harder and to also see how to many different designs can come from so many different people. So far, being a sophomore at New York City College Of Technology I have only taken Graphic Design Principles 1 and a Raster Vector course. Although I have only taken those so far I have learned plenty from both. I have not only learned a new program Adobe Illustrator, but I have also learned which colors work well with each other, which colors are needed to set the tone of things, elements of design and communication and other things that I can take with me when I decide to start my career officially.

Since I have started building my interest in graphic communications I have learned programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, IMovie, Windows Movie Maker  and Windows 3D Builder. I do use all of my free time learning new concepts of design, teaching myself new things on all of these programs and also refining the skills I have learned. Overtime I have also researched many designers, filmmakers and also have viewed websites and magazines whom have given me inspiration and have influenced myself and my work ethic. A few that I can credit to is Steve Jobs for one, although not perhaps a  “Designer” he has most definitely influenced what I love to do, another that has influenced me is Stefan Sagmeister. His work, very different from others has given me the inspiration to not be afraid of doing something different than others would. A few others I can credit are people such as people who work on next generation games, creating beautiful graphics and such making the games much more realistic. Along with websites like Tumblr or Pinterest which showcase a lot of art and design plenty of times giving me ideas and motivation to be on there one day. In total I can credit over a thousand people to why I am in love with graphic communication and I one day hope to have the chance to influence someone as much as those people have influenced me.