Art & Copy Reflection

In the film “Art & Copy” many advertisements as well as graphic designers,copywriters and more were discussed and introduced. Some of the the campaigns that were brought up in the film were, the got milk campaign, Nike’s ‘Just Do It’, I want my MTV, Morning In America, Volkswagen, Apple, Budweiser, I love NY & Braniff International are all discussed in the movie. For each ad a different inspiration comes forth. In the Volkswagen ad, the inspiration for that ad came from the first time chemistry. It was the first time when the art director and the copywriter had worked together. The apple campaign inspiration came from wanting to do something entirely different. The key thing about that campaign was the product was never shown, the ad was barrier breaking and was supposed to show how revolutionary the product was. The I want my MTV ad came from the ‘I want my mapo’ campaign. The campaign was to draw more people to MTV and get more people to buy into the MTV channel as a whole. The Morning In America Campaign was to inspire people to vote for Reagan, the creators who came up with the ad wanted to convey the message of how great America was with the current president in office, the message was to ask why would they want a change. I Love NY was created to bring a new look to New York as well as bring more people to New York. The I Love NY campaign worked well, but what really made it the best that could be was the music that came along with it. Budweiser’s commercial came from confusion at least that’s where it started. The campaign, after going from confusion it begun to convey a relatable message. The viewers of the campaign could relate to what was being shown in the campaign.
The ad that stood out the most in this film was the Apple campaign. I believe that a lot of creativity and thought went into it. The creative brief must have really talked about making ‘Apple’ different. Apple was meant to be barrier breaking it was meant to be something new and revolutionary and this had to have been the largest part of their brief. I believe that it was a big move to not show the product in the ad, only because the consumers have no idea what their buying, they have no idea what their bidding in for so it made it harder to get them interested, at least that’s what it seemed like. The commercial only made the consumer want to know more about the product, the company and when was it coming. They wanted to know how to get one. I do believe this was apart of their strategy statement and brief.
Continuing on the topic of Apple, this is where out of the box thinking really set in. Had they had thought inside of the box, Apple probably wouldn’t be where it is today. There’s something about being entirely different and revolutionary that makes everyone else want a piece. Apple till this day still seems to set the trends and continues to think outside of the box when designing. I believe that lateral thinking helps catch the viewer’s eye. I feel like it helps lead the consumers thoughts, although they might not actually need this product, the outstanding and lateral ad might lure them into believing they do actually need the product. I believe that it’s actually challenging to think in a lateral way, but if you as a designer can, then it has a major payoff. Besides the Apple Campaign, I believe the Nike ‘Just Do it’ Campaign shows a successful lateral marketing experience. The Nike Just Do It campaign seemed to reach expectations that weren’t imaginable. The campaign not only related to consumers and inspired them in many ways, it also hit them on a personal level and created a connection between consumer and brand.
Before watching the film, I believe advertisement was a marketing experience only. I felt that the only need for advertisement was to market to consumers and to get them to buy into whatever was being advertised. After watching the film I believe that advertising is a mixture of both artistic expression and marketing experience. One of the greatest examples from the film to support this was the I Love NY campaign. The I Love NY campaign worked well, but when artistic expression was added to it and art elements were put in place, so much more was brought out the campaign and it was taken to places where it might have not reached without artistic expression. Another ad where this is seen is the Braniff International Campaign. While an airplane ad seems to be boring and not well thought out, the artistic expression used in this ad helps bring out some of the best in this campaign. From the marketing to the idea of painting and creating color schemes of the plane all show well worked out artistic expression and marketing experience working together well in one. All in All, Art & Copy show the different sides of the industry as well as how different ideas and strategies work for different campaigns.