United Federation of Teachers Report


At first glance of the large building once I had arrived, I thought the building was something corporate a place where people went to get or hand in documents and nothing more. Of course, the building did hold this production, but once the tour began I learned the building was so much more. I had not only learned that the office that lied beneath the corporate space produced files and things for all of the schools in New York City, but they had also helped the U.S postal system. The loud machines and smell of freshly printed paper had already given me a clue of what the office was about, but as the tour guide explained each and every machine I realized I knew nothing about actually printing.

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One of my favorite machines that were introduced to me was the one which basically sealed the envelope. Of course, this was one my favorite mainly because it makes a job that much easier.  A bunch of envelopes are put into the beginning of the machine and are instantly sealed and placed together by the end of the machine. This had been my favorite because for one, I hate sealing envelopes myself whether it be the numerous paper-cuts from the folds of the envelope or the taste of paper in my mouth as I try to seal one there’s nothing pleasant about it. Unfortunately like most of the machine’s I completely forgot the name, but if I was ever offered the chance to get an automatic envelope sealer I would definitely take the offer.

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Another one I found more than interesting was the machine which folded the paper into envelope form.  The MBO Machine made the horror of paper cuts and time consuming money completely disappear.  About a pack of paper would be laid out at the beginning of the machine then by the end, the same papers were ready to be placed into envelopes and sent out soon enough. In my own opinion, being a person who seems to never have enough time in my day I  can honestly say a machine like this might actually be one of the best in the office. Not only is it very convenient but also interesting to see go.


Last, but most definitely not least I would have to say the sheet-fed machine in which produced the school newspapers also caught my eyes. I never actually knew how newspapers were made or even sent out for that matter, but after seeing the very large (but one of the smaller) sheet fed machines I became amazed.  The rollers where the sheet is first fed were large and the machine where the sheets were taken through was very long. Overall, the technique of how the machine worked amazed me and easily made it one of my favorites.


Overall the trip to the UFT was very informative and I actually enjoyed it. I learned a lot of what I needed to know about the printing world for when I finally decide to establish myself in the world.

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