An the studio we had a project about educating New Yorkers about garbage education. For my part I was making an app for the Gear Vr a virtual reality 360 video piece about where does New York City garbage go. The 360 video shows where does the garbage go after when you throw it inside a trash can.

The project took me roughly 2-3 months to finish as reviews to the project were done while I was making the build. At the piece I was doing I would ask for a person to give one suggestion on how we can solve the garbage problem, write it down on a post it note and post on the suggestion wall. After that I would let the person experience the 360 video on the Gear VR which last for around 1 mins and 30 secs. After they are done with the Gear VR I would ask what you will commit to solve the garbage problem and do the same action as before but on a committed wall.

Our theme at the studio for the project was same but the approach was different as I had the VR experience while others had creative way to throw garbage by adding a basketball net on top of the garbage can and when every a garbage is thrown inside the net it will light up. The other art piece was a voting cigarette box where you will vote by putting your cigarette bud inside the box. And there were other garbage education related piece which was all done in collaboration.