My supervisor Yvonne Shortt is my mentor and she wants me and the interns to learn as much as we can from the experience we are getting from our internship and she would help us in any way she possibly can to keep learning. Yvonne is a go getter and when she sees a potential in someone she will do her best to make that potential grow.  When she first saw me stand up for a project and when I gave her a great result in the end she saw a potential in me to be a VR App Developer. She knows that my major is 3D Animation and game design and the project that she had for the studio, with me learning to make VR Apps will benefit both the studio and myself.

Every skills or software that we know or learn at the studio, Yvonne is there to learn it herself so she can help around the studio when she can and even do the project herself if she got time to do. Yvonne is very great at networking and at public speaking which I’m not very good at which is why whenever we have an event she would make me interact with people that would be interested in what we are doing.  In my other blog, I stated that I had to teach elementary students 3d modeling. I haven’t taught and teaching a bunch of kids and making them learn is really hard to do but she helped me through how to handle it and teach in a way that keeps the students interested and learn how to 3d model so they can work on their challenge of CC3DP.