To make an app or games using Unity3D you will need to do coding which I didn’t know when I first started using the software. When I first started using Unity3D I was just making simple environments, terrains, and a few little animations. As the time goes by and new projects rolls in I had to do more than just simple stuff and had to do more and it all relied on coding. I started by searching online for specific code that I needed for my project and started watching and reading tutorials online.

The two popular coding language used in Unity3D are C# and Javascript. I have done some Javascript when I took my Web Design one class last year but other than that it was my first time hearing about C#. Unity3D they have their own tutorials on their website and they also have a forum to help answer coding issues. I look into both Unity3D official tutorials and other tutorials others have done on the internet in the form of blogs and videos. So far right now I know how the basic codes work and can edit it so it will work with my project, but without the source codes and the code written by others online I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Even though I have done coding for a while I’m still not good at it and every day it’s a struggle to find and fix problems in coding.