Like I stated in the earlier journal that I am not proficient in using Unity 3D software and I am always learning every time I am using the software.  And Virtual Reality being somewhat new it is still a challenge to make an app for.  When I am making an app and would get stuck at a problem I would search the internet if anyone else had the same problem that I did and if there’s any solution to it.  Not just to find the solution to my problems, I go online to search for tutorials to add more feature in the app and make it more visually aesthetic and works fine as it’s intended to.

The part that I have to work on the most is to code. I don’t have a coding background so it’s very hard to learn a whole coding language by myself. My supervisor has been very helpful as she helped me by sending me to a two days Unity 3D game developing class and helping with learning new skills. Every day I think I am faster and better at making VR apps and would like to hone this skills more.