When I first join CUNY Service Corps I didn’t knew what I was getting into. The first thing that they did was do a group interview where they choose students that does well. After the group a fee days later you will get an email stating welcome to the service corps and list the upcoming workshops that needs to be attended.

The workshops help us to work on our interview and networking skills. While doing the workshops you will search for the internship place and the title you will be working as at the internship and send your resume and portfolio to them. When you get selected you will get to set a date for the interviews as it’s mendatory to set 5 interviews from different internship placements. At the set date for the interview you will have 5 interview at the same day or 5 interview at different days. You will get 10 mins to pitch in and do your interview.

The day I did the interview was hactic as I had all 5 interviews at one day all back to back. Meaning after every 10 minutes I do my interview I will have 5 mins break from after which I will go to my other interviews until all five of my interviews are done.

After the interview you will do a survey ranking the internship placement from most likely to work for to least. After which a few days later the internship placement will submit their result and you will get a answer though email what placement you have selected to.

For me I got selected with my first choice so I was glad and relieved.