As I first starting working at my internship placement my title for the internship was a Graphic designer, but for the first few months, I was just replying and sending emails and running small errands at the studio. Through our weekly meeting /evaluation, and the numerous collaboration on the events I got very familiar with the interns and the employees and because of that I was very in touch with everything that we were doing at the studio. Because of how well we all were working together when the project idea of VR got in the conversation I showed my interest in it and wanted to take on the challenge. This decision made a huge difference that I’m doing at the studio at right now and made a patch of a new career that I didn’t think about and knew that I would achieve.

The work that I do at the studio I think changed drastically after I took up the challenge to learn how to make VR Apps as now most of the event that we do rely on the VR experience. When I see people try my VR app and give very positive comments I get motivated to do more and make even better VR experiences that I can share with others. I used to be very shy and inside the shell which I still am but I think I have loosened up that shell as I have been very hands-on with my projects and all the other collaborations that we do at the studio.  I have never tried teaching and when I taught 3d modeling to the students at the elementary and the students made some great 3d models for their CC3DP challenge. I have a lot of learning and practicing to do, but this internship have given me so much experience and skills that I will be using in the future.