Research Project Proposal:

Choosing a topic for my research project was very hard. A variety of topics went through my head as I brainstormed ideas that interested me, but also related to happiness. Happiness has a different meaning for everyone what may make another. I decided on the topic, the importance of belonging needs in personal relationships whether it’s a friendship, family relationships, or lover relationships. People value close relationships.Everyone deserves to feel like their accepted, loved, and that their important in an individual’s life. Not being accepted or belonged can cause an individual to feel unwanted, lonely, depressed, and have low self-esteemed which cause their well-being and happiness to diminish. Well-being is life satisfactory and happiness if you don’t have that are you really living, or are you just here on earth? The need to belong increases satisfaction in personal relationships well-being and happiness.

This source is helpful in my topic because it talks about interpersonal relationships and belongingness. Individuals seek the need to have frequent interactions with others, people who care about their welfare. The lack of belonging can cause a variety of effects such as depression or suicidal tendencies all depriving an individual’s well-being and happiness.