I was really nervous to give in my essay for peer revision only because I feel my essays are never good. Surprisingly my peers didn’t give me as much negative feedback as I was expecting. They even said they enjoyed it and it has a good flow, that they knew what I was talking about and there was no confusion. Some things that need to be fixed is my topic sentence in my introduction, it needs to be stronger because it’s a typical statement. I have some statements that are unnecessary and need to be taken out. Overall I definitely need to make my essay longer because more information can be added to make it a stronger essay. This peer revision was very helpful, I never doubted it wouldn’t be helpful because I used to do them all the time in high school. It was helpful to hear other people’s thoughts on my essay, it was very helpful.

After reading my own essay, what my peers said was clear. My essay is very short. I feel my point is clear but there is definitely way more that can be added. I definitely need to use more examples from the articles I’m using. I also don’t have any personal experiences in my essay and that is needed. I saw I had one sentence but I need to elaborate on that. I believe when I do that my essay will become more stronger and make my point more clear.