Chapter 8 HUS 1101

The client empowerment model for change impacts a client’s well-being status because it allows the client to have a higher self esteem and change to better. The professional will determine a goal with the client and ways to achieve well being for him or her. The professional will help the client be more self sufficient in this process.

The community-based agency mission and goals promotes wellbeing and happiness for their clients. Community-based agency do this by following principles made that promote the wellbeing and happiness of the client. Professionals will help their clients realize the potential they have in better managing their lives and contribute to the community.

An agency’s organizational chart promotes well-being through the chain of command because it is organized and up to date with their clients. Departments work together and communicate often in order to show responsibility to their profession and the wellbeing of their clients.

The referral process is utilized in relation to the clients well being. If the professional believes he or she is not capable of giving the client his or hers best service, then the referral process will begin. The professional will refer the client to someone else who he or she believes will give them better service.

Informal network can aid in the referral and well-being goals of a client. This is done so by the professional having a connection between individual and agency in order to have help in a referral. This provides the professional with connections to refer their clients for the clients wellbeing.

Documentation and paperwork requirements aid in the the well-being of the client because it provides professionals with the clients background. This is important because with the documentations and paperwork the professional can have a better superficial understanding of the client and he or she can think about future services and/or referrals.

Stress and “burnout” of the worker can impact the client’s well-being because the professional is not giving their full service and/or attention to the client. This can cause trouble in the clients well being because the professional is not truly focused on their clients issues.

Professional development activities can impact the well-being of the worker because these activities help the professional develop new skills and thoughts. These activities can impact the service delivery to the client because since the professional is gaining new information, it can open their mind to better methods or services for the client.

Human service worker can utilize client empowerment as a tool in the well-being of a client. This is done so because the professional is supporting the client and showing them that they have what it takes to make their lives better. The client empowerment can be used as a tool for the well being of the client because it gives them self sufficiency.