Mother Dearest

my mom braiding my hairIt seems that every time Mother’s Day comes around, I find myself at a loss for words. I scratch my head thinking, what to say? What to do? What to get? I feel that as I get older, it gets increasingly difficult to express my affection and appreciation for her; the bar just keeps getting raised. Sometimes I get so anxious about it that my brain seems to freeze and I end up getting a last-minute, poorly thought out gift.

At the heart of Mother’s Day is the act of acknowledging that mothers are some of the greatest gifts there are. My most expensive gifts can mean nothing if they do not come from a place of true honor, respect, and gratitude. I would like to take the time to express my appreciation of some of my mom’s greatest qualities.


My mom is a giver in every sense of the word. She freely gives of her time, energy, and resources to anyone who comes her way. She has opened the door of our apartment to many sojourners over the years. Whenever she has food, even something as small and simple as a chocolate bar, she offers to share some of it with everyone in the vicinity. This is a principle she has encouraged all of her children to live by. A character like hers is fitting for her role as a full-time pastor.

Can-Do Attitude

My mom never gives up (even when I think she should!). She will not throw out furniture unless it is absolutely beyond repair or replacement. I’ve seen her pull out her trusty bucket of tools and find unconventional ways to fix a dresser, cabinet, or doorknob (rather than wait on our not-so-reliable super). She would rather try and fail than not try it all, when it comes to household repairs. She is like a female “Bob the Builder,” a true handy woman, which only exemplifies her strength as a single mother.


My mom has led weekly prayer and fasting services in our home for the past twelve years. Members have come and gone, challenges have arisen, neighbors have complained, rumors have spread, people have taken advantage of her kindness–and yet, she has continued doing what she believes God has called her to do.  She has done the same thing raising this family, never running away from responsibility. I admire her persistence and commitment.

I love you, Mom and I strive to be just as generous, creative and faithful as you mom leaning against a window pane, looking up

Happy Birthday Queen Bee!

Today is a special day hunny! I introduced you to this phenomenal woman a few weeks back, my mom Rachel, and today is her 56th birthday! Right now her and I are having a poolside pina colada (yes at 9 am, it IS her birthday lol). I decided to dedicate this post to her, I’m absolutely obsessed with her, and so happy to be sharing another birthday with this chica.

I think one of the greatest blessings in this world is a mother. A mother’s love is a lifelong, selfless, forgiving, giving, unique love that you can only know if you are a mother. I am not yet a mother but if I could be only a fraction of the mother she is one day, I know I will be great. I actually strive to be twice the mother she is, so my unborn children are in for some RIDICULOUS lovin’!

One thing I know about my mom is she has dedicated her life to her 5 children and 3 grand children. I have seen her give her last, time and time again for any of us. Her love for us kept her from home from work for our stomachaches and headaches (the real AND the fake ones), pregnancy nausea, or just playing hooky every once in awhile. Her love put us first always and set the highest examples for us.

One of my favorite childhood memories with my mom was writing poetry together. I probably only contributed a few words or some grammatical adjustments, but she always put my initials in her signature. I want to share with you my mother’s own words that reflects her motherhood, a poem entitled “Children”, written by her back in 2000. Enjoy 🙂

“Children”- Rachel Noel Pg 1

“Children”- Rachel Noel Pg 2

“Children”- Rachel Noel Pg 3

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Virtues from Motherhood: A Poem for Mom

Let me tell you something about my mom and I.

Ten years ago, I was a rebellious teenager and we didn’t get along, but she loved me anyway.

Eight years ago, I got pregnant as a teenager, but she loved me anyway.

Five years ago, I was struggling to find a balance between who I wanted to be and where I was, but she loved me anyway.

Two years ago, I graduated college with my associates degree, and she was there to cheer me on.

A year ago, I said I wanted to take more credits to finish college faster, and she was there to cheer me on.

When I can’t make sense of something, she’s there to calm me down.

When I’m not seeing the whole picture, she’s there to shine a light. When I just need someone to talk to, she is there to listen.

When I feel lost in the world, she is there to guide me.

You see no matter where I’ve gone in life, or how many times I’ve strayed from the path, she has always been there calling my name, holding me accountable, and for that I will always be thankful.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and best friend, I love you.