The Food Struggle Of College Students

Maintaining a healthy diet while in college can sometimes be hard. Harder than finals week! Late night study sessions are followed with late night snacks, and packed schedules leave little time for exercising. All of which lead to weight gain.

Here are some healthy snacks you can enjoy while studying and finishing
your assignments.

Instead of ice cream you can try…

Fat Free Yogurt: Yogurt
comes in a wide variety of flavors, even chocolate and cheesecake, and is a much healthier alternative to ice cream.

Fruit Smoothie: Blend up fruit, milk and nonfat yogurt and enjoy a healthy drink.

Frozen Grapes: Frozen grapes will give you the chill you’re looking for, along with having very few calories and
no fat.


Put down the soda and try…

Water: Water has no calories, and it
provides the hydration your body needs to give you better concentration and memory.

Cranberry Juice: Go for real cranberry juice, not cocktail, for the best nutrition

Skim Milk: Unless you’re lactose intolerant, milk can provide your body with protein, calcium and other vitamins it needs. If you are lactose then Soy Milk is a great alternative.

Orange Juice: A glass of OJ is a great way to boost your vitamin C levels.

Put the candy down and instead pick up…

Raisins: Perfect to keep on hand as they’ll stay fresh for months.

Blueberries: They are full of antioxidants and vitamins that will make your body happy.

Cherries: Easy to eat, along with being delicious, and tasty. They taste like a whole host of candies so you won’t even miss those sugary treats.

a woman scratching her head in front of a chalk board

School isn’t easy, studying isn’t easy, but we can still remain healthy. Your grades, along with your brain and waistline, will thank you!

Your Network Determines Your Net Worth

I know it is 4-20 and it would be cool to read about all type of hemp influenced products or why/why not weed should be legalized, but there are much more important subjects to blog about.

cans of Chillo drink

Hemp Energy Drinks by AudioVision via CC* License 

Such as …

“Your network determines your net worth.” To the growing hemp producers  that phrase might be all too familiar (lol), but for you younger folk it may sound very new. And thats okay, but after today I want you to never forget it.

cartoon images of blue stick-figure men

3D Social Networking by Chris Potter via CC License

According to A network is an association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual 

assistance, helpful information, or the like. When you meet people on your career path or those in your hobby-generated groups you may automatically connect them with your “network.” Although those people have common interests, they become apart of your network, and vice versa, only when you put actively add them to it. Of course that is figuratively speaking, you cannot actually pick people up and put them in a physical network. But just think if you collect business cards, phone numbers, and emails from everyone you meet, even those who do not seem to share common interest with you, you may have thousands of contacts within a few months. After you converse and exchange contacts, you must personally follow up with people and even subscribe them to your monthly mailing or email list if you have one. If you walk by people, choose to bail on networking, and refuse to attend all social events, you are missing a possible life alternating opporntunity.

a woman in a white dress holding out her hand

Helping Hand Edited by Stormgirl via CC license

Some may not know, or even believe that I can be a shy person. It’s true. I would choose to opt out of a phone conversation or even a face-to-face chat unless I know a person very well. THIS IS DISASTROUS for anyone.  How can I be successful in real estate, let alone in the entertainment industry, if I can not socialize or speak to a person or a crowd. Most times I pump my self up or just brush away the fear, but it is a skilled that can only be mastered if practiced. So people, next time you are about to send a mass text/email try sending it personally to someone or calling them directly. That will help build a trusting relationship. You may even spark a conversation that inquires about each of your skill sets and interests, which in return build a network that will allow for exchange of services, sharing of knowledge, or even referrals.

people in suits shaking hands

Business Meeting by thetaxxhaven via CC license

And thats where you build your net worth, which can be thought of as the total assets of a business minus its total liabilities ( A person can be a brand, or business, as well. Theoretically, your net worth can be calculated by actual financials or based on those connected to you in someway. Those connections can be a direct link to leads, future income, knowledge, and more.

 a word cloud of business terms

Business by Gerald via CC license

*CC: Creative Common

Dedicated to some of the men in my life who practice and preach this concept:

  • My Dad Larry, personal trainer & (Co-Owner of Brooklyn Billionairez)
  • My Uncle Dave, business owner in the Automotive & Entertainment industry
  • My Uncle Sammy, mutli-business owner including We Have it ALL
  • My Brother-Cousin Samar, Owner of Made Realty & Made Capital Corp.

Happy Birthday Samar, you will continue to add on to your network and success.

QUESTIONS TO THE AUDIENCE: Are you nervous when networking? | Do you leave events early to avoid feeling awkward when talking to others? | Do you have stories of success based on your network? | Do you feel having people in your network is similar to using people? | How do you network? | Can you give me advice.



Free MetroCards For CUNY Students?

a New York City Subway MetroCard

Did you know that City lawmakers have been urging CUNY to offer its students a free ride on buses and

Council members Ydanis Rodriguez and Inez Barron, on Thursday, will introduce a resolution calling on CUNY to put money in its next budget for free MetroCards. Barron called on the state to fund the transit benefits, while
Rodriguez believes that the city and the state should chip in to cover costs. CUNY has roughly 270,000 full and part time students in its undergrad and graduate schools, so this would result in over 30 to 375 million dollars spent
for this idea to succeed.

I for one greatly hope this comes to be! With the amount of tuition, textbooks, child care, rent, food, and other basic necessities college kids have to worry about, a MetroCard just adds to the burden. For work and school I’m paying 31 dollars a week for the 7 day pass. That puts a dent in my paycheck every time I swipe my card to pay.

At this point I’d even be okay with a reduce fare metro card, or something that lowers the price.

What do you guys think? Will CUNY agree to this? And do you believe its time that all college students are offered free metro cards.

No more Pre-College Fees

hands typing on a keyboard

Do you know anyone, family, friend, etc, wanting to apply for Cuny college? Well, they might be in luck. Bloomberg administration education officials, have been looking to eliminate the expense of application fees. Studies have showed, that this has been a major reason, that many high school graduates don’t apply to college.

A top Department of Education official, said the agency has been in talks with the City University of New York, to make applying for Cuny undergraduate schools free for city students.

Senior Deputy Chancellor Shael Polakow-Suransky, second-in-command to Mr. Walcott, was quoted as saying “one idea we’ve been working on but have yet to figure out how to do.”

“Every year kids don’t apply to college because of the application fees,” Mr. Polakow-Suransky said at a Nov. 21 event hosted by the Ford Foundation in midtown. “It would cost the city roughly $500,000 to start covering Cuny application fees for kids. I think that would just be a powerful signal to kids about what our expectations are for them going forward.”

Mr. Polakow-Suransky said many students can afford Cuny tuition because financial aid covers much of it, but don’t have money to apply.

The fee to apply to up to six Cuny colleges is $65. Cuny distributes limited supply of fee waivers to high school guidance counselors for students with the most financial need, according to the university system’s application worksheet.

While $65 doesn’t sound like much to some people, it is to many others. I for one think this is a step in the right direction, and might convince many high school students not to give up on the prospect of college, simply due to fees.