Free MetroCards For CUNY Students?

a New York City Subway MetroCard

Did you know that City lawmakers have been urging CUNY to offer its students a free ride on buses and

Council members Ydanis Rodriguez and Inez Barron, on Thursday, will introduce a resolution calling on CUNY to put money in its next budget for free MetroCards. Barron called on the state to fund the transit benefits, while
Rodriguez believes that the city and the state should chip in to cover costs. CUNY has roughly 270,000 full and part time students in its undergrad and graduate schools, so this would result in over 30 to 375 million dollars spent
for this idea to succeed.

I for one greatly hope this comes to be! With the amount of tuition, textbooks, child care, rent, food, and other basic necessities college kids have to worry about, a MetroCard just adds to the burden. For work and school I’m paying 31 dollars a week for the 7 day pass. That puts a dent in my paycheck every time I swipe my card to pay.

At this point I’d even be okay with a reduce fare metro card, or something that lowers the price.

What do you guys think? Will CUNY agree to this? And do you believe its time that all college students are offered free metro cards.

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