The OpenLab has a new course structure that is designed to help faculty meet recommended best practices for distance education. We have also introduced Model Courses: openly available, fully developed courses available for cloning. Whether you’re creating your first OpenLab course or you’ve been teaching here for years, this section is for you.

  • Understanding Openlab Courses: Introduces courses on the OpenLab.
  • Creating Your Course: Explains how to create an OpenLab course, how to clone your course, and how to cloning an existing or model course.
  • Working with Model Courses: Introduces Model Courses, openly available courses that can be cloned for use by all faculty teaching a course. 
  • Getting to Know Your Course Site: Explains the new course structure, along with foundational concepts for working with WordPress, such as menus, posts, pages, categories, plugins, and widgets. 
  • Setting Up Your Course: A step-by-step guide to creating a course on the OpenLab, using the new course structure.