Jenna Spevack | COMD3504_OL08 | FALL 2021

Research Project Presentation – EW

In my research project presentation, I explored how and why did street art go from a rebellious creative act to a mainstream commodity. I plan to describe street artists of New York, their artwork and concepts that were influenced by the Avant-Garde art  movement (focusing on Futurism), I will also explain how street artists incorporate authorship, universality, and social responsibility within their artwork.

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  1. Shauntaya

    great presentation, I did know that PowerPoint had a voice feature. It sure that graffiti is not prevalent anymore but it still some on abounding buildings in new york. Most street art now is murals and paid work by the owner of the building. Graffiti had its own style where it was very illegal but that gave it character to no that the artist had to work fast to do their work.

  2. Zi Hang Lian

    A good presentation. I did learn some things from the presentation. I like the voice function in Powerpoint. It’s what makes it unique from other presentation. There are a few things that bother me about this presentation.

    Before that, let me mention the good things. I liked how you organized your information. I knew right away where to start reading and end reading. As someone who has know about street art that much, this presentation’s very informational.

    It seems like you were reading from your slides (I would probably do the same if I didn’t write my Speech Outline down). If you were reading from the slides, wouldn’t it be better for others to read them instead of having to listen to the same thing?

    There are some people who like this method but I don’t find this that interesting. I think it’s best if you wrote down a script for the presentation and read it from there instead. Secondly, the long texts.

    I don’t like looking at long texts so you doing this over voice function made it a bit bearable. What you could’ve done is more visuals instead of long texts. I got bored halfway. It’s just my opinion.

    Overall, good presentation. Good job.

  3. rahel lehar

    I agree with Zi Hang Lian that you couldve written all of what you wanted to read aloud on a separate document and instead of putting an extreme amount of text, put up to 5 bullet points with short sentences summarizing what’s mentioned. A few slides were hard to read because the backgrounds weren’t transparent enough & overpowered the text.
    Street art is a very interesting topic because it has the duality of being an act of vandalism while it also evolved from graffiti to other styles like murals

  4. SimonWill21

    Very good presentation and using the voice feature in PowerPoint was unique. I always found the history of graffiti interesting and how it was used as a form of rebellion but this presentation also related that idea of rebellion to futurism as well, which is great.

    My only issue with this presentation is the first few slides were slightly hard to read because of the backgrounds behind the text and some of the slides also have too much text on them but other than that great presentation.

  5. Nicholas Albanese

    Interesting presentation. I enjoyed your choice of backgrounds in the PowerPoint and the use of its voice feature was certainly unexpected. Unfortunately, the voice feature is somewhat clunky and I believe it would have been easier to record a Zoom video. It also sounds like you’re just reading word for word from the slides. You don’t need to read everything exactly how it is. Sometimes, it’s more interesting to hear your own words. Maybe try creating a script next time.

  6. Edward Alston

    I like the backgrounds you used in your slides and how they connect to the topic – your presentation overall is nicely organized. I liked that you went through the history of street art and the compare and contrast between it and futurism. I definitely feel like I’ve learned a lot more from this, as you included a lot of good information.

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