Jenna Spevack | COMD3504_OL08 | FALL 2021

Research Project Presentation-JS

My research project is about the diversity of video games, which includes gender, sexuality, cultural inclusivity, and personality types.

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  1. Shauntaya

    The gaming industry is heading in the right direction with making characters more diverse in terms of the background of the character and personality especially in apex lore include different sexuality. You are right about the sexualizing of women characters causing sex sales but it’s nice to have a women character that plain.

  2. SimonWill21

    Love the animated gifs on the pages and the topic as well, We are advancing in diversity which is a step in a good direction.

    • SimonWill21

      To add on the only problem, in my opinion, is that you should speak a bit louder with more enthusiasm.

  3. Zi Hang Lian

    Nice visuals and gifs. I loved it. This presentation is interesting because of the diversity and other aspects of the video games you talked about. It’s interesting to see different games and also talk about how some of the character design affect the game.

  4. rahel lehar

    You should speak louder and adjust the volume to be higher when you’re editing the video. I never really have time or the tech to properly sit down and play video games. I like that you mention that video games are now being influenced by real life rather than staying with the same monotone characters. Applying real life diversity helps make characters seem like real life people.

  5. Nicholas Albanese

    What a nice presentation. I enjoyed the implementation of GIFs in it and it helped make the presentation more engaging to look at. Your voice is a little low and monotone when you’re speaking though so try to speak a bit louder and more enthusiastically next time. I believe that in the “Problems” section of your presentation, you could have opened up a discussion about GamerGate, a movement that seems to condemn female representation and diversity. In terms of how games are becoming more inclusive, we’re going in the right direction but there are still those who believe this inclusivity is a bad thing.

  6. Edward Alston

    Nicely put-together presentation. The visuals and text were clear and easy to see and read. I really like the topic and the references you made to games such as Apex and Horizon Zero Dawn. To add on, I feel that what’s also helping to improve the diversity in video games is having diversity within the studios that are responsible for making these games.

  7. Ebony Star

    Nice presentation! Your topic was very interesting for someone who isn’t familiar with video games I learned quite a bit. It’s great to see designers use their influence, and social responsibility to fill the gap of diversity within games.

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