Jenna Spevack | COMD3504_OL08 | FALL 2021

Research Project Presentation – ZL

This is my Final Version of my Research Project. My Research is about Genshin Impact’s Communication Model. We’ll take a look at the game, Genshin Imapct, player reactions to events in the game, Communication Model that can be related to Genshin Impact, and some of the game’s social media comments.

Genshin Impact Research Project Video


My Slides

The videos that I showed you will be reverted to its original minute in the presentation. You can either go to My Slides or My Bibliography to see it. Sorry if you didn’t hear the sound. I realized after I listened to it again.


  1. Shauntaya

    Like how you include the reaction of the players to be patch notes and new characters, that plays a huge part in the game doing well is player feedback.

    • Zi Hang Lian

      Thanks. I got suggested from my draft version about that too. It’s definitely important. So many players play this game so it’s good to have some opinion.

  2. rahel lehar

    I like your topic of video games. unfortunately, there was no audio in the videos you were showing. I suggest recording your voice in segments instead of one long recording so you dont have to pause awkwardly and it will be easier to edit. Its cool that you featured social media comments on zhongli and how Genshin impact needs better treatment.

    • Zi Hang Lian

      Thanks for the feedback. I realized that after the presentation. You can check out the videos in my bio and presentation if you like. I mentioned that in my post. Very sorry about that.

  3. SimonWill21

    Nice Topic, I like that you added video footage such as live reactions this time. Your voice is much clearer this time as well. A very detailed presentation on Genshin’s impact and how its large community.

    • Zi Hang Lian

      Thanks. For my first time, my voice was clear but I felt like the things I said didn’t make much sense. I took most of my peer’s opinion and tried make a better one. My second one seems a lot better because I have a clear image of what I wanted to talk about although I only changed a few parts of my script.

  4. Nicholas Albanese

    This was an interesting topic for a presentation. I like how you included fan reactions to show how miHoYo had angered its fanbase. I think that really adds a lot to the point you’re trying to make about video game communication models and how a game like Genshin Impact is dependent on fan feedback.

    • Zi Hang Lian

      Yes, it’s a lot better compared to the first one. The first one is mostly about the game itself but I didn’t have any comments about the game. With comments and replies added on my current one, I do feel it’s a lot smoother than before.

  5. Jennifer Salazar

    Your presentation was very well done. You included so much information about different areas and it was really interesting to see your take on the game itself and what it could benefit from.

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