Background/Review of the Literature

Vincent Connare, the creator of the now-infamous font, originally studied Fine arts and Photography at Manhattan’s New York of Technology. However, in 1987 he joined and learned TrueType hinting and as a result, he hinted at 6 packs for Apple along with Microsoft. Taking the lettering styles of DC and Marvel Comics along with inspiration from Windows 95, Connare created the font of Comic-Sans at the time he was working for Microsoft.


I am very interested in this topic because I am curious as to why Connare created the font. I also want to know how his creation positively and also negatively affects his life as a designer. I want to know what other fonts Connare has created.

 Method and Design

I plan to do a lot of research on Vincent Connare and his life as a typographer. Also while doing so I will look at Comic-sans and ways that it has been used over the years in things such as advertising for example.


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