1. Introduction

I  want to talk about the digital technology of 3D animation and how 3D universally connected everyone through its many forms such as commercials, cartoons, or video games. I want to mention how humans perceive reality from 3D animation in video games and how digital 3D programs influence our perspectives. The concept of “uncanny valley” is represented by 3D because it changes what we think is real.

2. Background of the Literature

3D animation is using three dimensional objects and animating them to continuously move. It is the closest style of animation to being very realistic. 3D is used for communicating messages in many fields such as marketing, advertisement, movies, cartoons, and video games. The first 3D animation was made at the beginning of the 1900s and it was known as clay animation. This style of 3D was called “claymation”. Clay models were used in a stop motion film by physically moving and positioning them.

3. Rationale

What are some animation techniques/inventions that further progressed 3D animation?

Where do we see 3D animation in what industries/products?

How did people react to 3D in the past and present?

What became of people’s perceptions of reality?

I am exploring this topic because I want to know how 3D animation impacted people and certain design industries.

4. Method and Design

I will find resources talking about the history of 3D, what it is, and how it impacts people. I will make some powerpoint slides that talk about the technology, and what 3D designs looked like after using the programs.

5. References

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