Jenna Spevack | COMD3504_OL08 | FALL 2021

Reading Response 4 – EW

Walter Gropius; The Theory and Organization of the Bauhaus (1923), László Moholy-Nagy; Typophoto (1925), On Typography (1967) in Graphic Design Theory: Readings From the Field by Helen Armstrong on pages 32-34 and 44-49.

Questions / Prompts

  • According to these  authors, what is missing from the art of the past?
  • What role should typography, photography, and other media play in shaping a new kind of art? 
  • What role should language play in art and design?
  • What sort of new strategies or ideas will be necessary for future art forms? 
  • What should education or “the academy” teach artists about their field?


According to the author’s acceptance of all forms is missing from the art of the past. Avant-Garde rejected reason and logic, artist created work that held no significant connection. The Bauhaus author’s believed every form of the art field should be studied and artists shouldn’t be isolated but trained with the knowledge of design theory. The principles of the Bauhaus were to unify art and movements. Typography, photography, and other media should shape art by giving visual image content. These elements are expressive and dynamic and can be used as compositions. Typography, photography, and other media are used to communicate what happens in the world and link the content of the communication and the person receiving it (audience). In the new kind of art Typography, photography, and other media should be used as visual experiences that enhance artists’ perception and expression of emotions. Language’s role in art and design is to communicate and guide the design. Language is used as a design aesthetic that is used by artists to articulate a vision that incorporates a range of media and forms. The academy should teach artists the theory of the design field. As artists, we must know the theory of design in order to use the correct terminology within the field to communicate thoughts and express the notion for the art. The academy must avoid concentrating on one particular form and educate while also allowing them to explore all design forms. Allowing the artist to find their strengthens, and limitations.


  1. Reference image: Bauhaus
  2. Rephrasing:  Quality of art, can not be taught. It depends on the talent who create it.
  3. Rephrasing: When an artist reaches the understanding of form to space, that creates visual inspiration that needs to be expressed using the mind and the hands.
  4. Rephrasing: The academy trained thousands of young artist but only one out of the thousands would become a successful architect or painter. Majority of the young artist had no chance at becoming a success because they were trained with the knowlege but lacked the artistic connection.
  5. Definition: Myriad, Credo

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