Fayzah Hussein Alkatabi

Natalia Magdalena Cedeno

Jun Huang

Kyle Nikhail Sinanan

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  1. fayzah

    6 Point Process to How I Can Do Well in This Class.

    • Context

    -Active Engagement in Classes

    -Create a Study Plan


    -Question with a purpose

    – private inquiry

    • Strategies

    -Organize Your Time

    -Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

    • Concepts

    -Understanding the Syllabus

    -Seeking Help When Needed

    -Consistent Review

    • Conclusion

    In conclusion, success in any academic setting can be achieved through a combination of strategic planning, active engagement, effective study techniques, and a commitment to continuous improvement  By understanding the course syllabus, actively participating in the learning process, managing time wisely, seeking assistance when needed, and consistently reviewing material.

    Fayzah Hussein Alkatabi,Natalia Magdalena Cedeno,Jun Huang , Kyle Nikhail Sinanan

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