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Exam 4 will be Wednesday, April 17

The exam will cover the topics of Circles, Parabolas and Lines

Remember that the circle is defined by its CENTER and RADIUS

Remember that the important characteristics of a Parabola are: VERTEX, LINE OF SYMMETRY, X-Intercepts (“Roots”) and Y-Intercept

The Parabola has the two forms

General Form: $latex Ax^{2}+Bx+C=0$

Standard Form $latex A(x-h)^{2}+k=0$

The x-coordinate of the vertex is $latex \frac{-B}{2A}$

To get the y-coordinate of the vertex, put the x-value into $latex Ax^{2}+Bx+C$

and evaluate it.

The circle has the two forms

General Form: $latex Ax^{2}+Ay^{2}+Cx+Dy+C=0$

Standard Form $latex (x-h)^{2}+(y-k)^{2}=r^{2}$

The Center is at the point (h,k) and the radius = r.

Review these for the exam:


Graphs-Graphs of Quadratic Equations. (Problems 1-4)

Graphs-Intro to Conics (Problems 1 and 12)

ShiftingParabolas (Understand all of these)

Graphs-Equation of a Line (Problems 4 and 6)

REMEMBER the 6-point process.

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