Class Info

  • Date: January 29, 2024


Bring a notebook, pen or pencil and be prepared to take good notes during the class.


Everyone is assigned to a group with 3 or 4 other students.

Group 1

Mohamed Abdelrahim

Taino Juan Bravo I

Mathew Green

Jaylin Logan

Group 2

Danny Acero

Halley Engelique Brito

Tyron Leroy Henry

Merlin Lora

Group 3

Arafat Arefin Adi

Jahdiel Brown

Milly Herrera-Cortes

Navindra Mangra

Group 4

Durant Joshua Aitken

Brendan Sontonax Buissereth

Omarie Jaquan Hill

Darven K Pierre I

Group 5

Fayzah Hussein Alkatabi

Natalia Magdalena Cedeno

Jun Huang

Kyle Nikhail Sinanan

Group 6

Kristal Alvarez

Sai Ceesay

Shaquille Antonio James

Kevin Torres

Group 7

Jahnol Tyreek Arrington I

Kiaya T Celestine

Kastasia Kellman

Jalen Vann

Group 8

Marjona Ashurkulova

Britney A Cordova

Israt Korno

Holly P Vigo

Group 9

Brian Bautista

Yvelanda Delva

Sherece M Loather


We will introduce the 6-point approach that will be used in this class.

The problem-solving approach we use in this manuscript is based on the 6-point process developed by Professors Rojas and Benakli 1 .

  1. Context: What is the problem about?
  2. Observations: List as many observations as possible (at least three). Include key words and symbols.
  3. Questions: Write down (at least three) questions you can ask about the problem. Be sure to include any questions you have relating to the observations you have made.
  4. Strategies: Write down the plan or action strategy.
  5. Concepts: Write down concepts needed to understand and solve the problem.
  6. Conclusions: Use complete sentences to express the conclusion.


Think carefully about these 6 points. Apply them to a problem that interests you. If you like, consider this: “How can I succeed in this class?”