1st Assignment – due Tuesday, January 30

As we discussed in class today, we are using a 6-point system to approach problems. Do a 6-point analysis for the question

“How can I do well in this class?”

Prepare this tonight (Monday) and in Tuesday’s class discuss this with your group. Prepare a single result and post it in your Group Post.


  1. Milly

    6 Point Process to How I Can Do Well in This Class.

    • Context

    Steps it takes to do well.

    Time management


    • Observations

    Goal oriented question

    “To do well” = succeed academically

    “I” = personal question

    • Strategies

    Study the textbooks

    Attend office hours

    Staying on top of assignments and homework

    • Concepts

    Trying different methods to understand the problem.

    Researching the math topics.

    • Conclusion

    We can do well in this class by managing time well, studying often, and attending office hours when help is needed.

    Group 3 ( Jahdiel Brown, Navindra, Milly)

  2. Bri

    6 Point Process to How Can I Do Well In This Class

    Context- Steps to take to do well in this class.

    Observations- My notes, Myself

    Questions- Who can give me help? Am I managing my time wisely?

    Strategies- organize my time, study my notes, set up relevant goals, ask for help

    Concepts- How to study? How can I participate more in class?

    Conclusion- I can do these things in order to succeed.

  3. Omarie

    Context: what is the problem trying to solve and how will it be solved?

    Observations: look back at my notes.

    What is the topic of this problem?

    Concepts: in what ways can I study or ask for help in class?

    conclusion I want become better in math.

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